Articles by Adam D. Thierer

It Takes Village to Raise Video Gamers?

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) proposed new legislation that would make it a federal offense for retailers to sell a minor a video game that includes violent or sexual themes. Her bill would impose a $5000 fine on any retailer that... Read More

What Ever Happened to the Big Media Boogeyman?

Remember when a handful of media companies were supposedly going to take over the world and program our brains? Back in 2000, for example, a number of folks were running around saying that the media sky would fall after Time... Read More

Human Popsicles

Might our grandchildren watch Hall of Fame baseball player Ted Williams hit .400 again like our parents and grandparents did back in 1941? Don't laugh, it might happen. How? Through the amazing, but obviously still unproven, science of cryonics. Cryonics... Read More

High Definition Headaches

What did you watch in high-definition (HDTV) television last night? If your answer is "nothing," don't fear; you're not alone. Only a fraction of American households are receiving HDTV in their homes. And our federal government's 15-year industrial policy to... Read More

Congress Plays Jeopardy with the Net's Next Tax Battle

Although most Americans don't realize it, the war over Internet taxation is nearly over and it's the taxpayers who are losing. As Congress rushes to address this contentious issue before the existing Internet tax moratorium expires in October, a... Read More

The FCCs Bizarre Building Mandate

If you're keeping track of bizarre and needlessly intrusive regulations coming out of Washington, then here's a real doozy to add to your scrap book. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering a proposal which would require that owners of... Read More

Why Regulate Web Phones?

We've been hearing seemingly endless calls for "open access" regulation throughout the telecommunications sector in recent years. Everybody wants a piece of their competitor's property on terms set by the government. Open access for the local loop; open access to.. Read More

Dear Judge: Don't Regulate the Internet!

What hath AOL wrought? Before AOL's sudden about-face on open access regulation a few weeks ago, the firm had been the most vociferous supporter of opening up cable networks (AT&T's new holdings in particular) to competitors on terms set by... Read More

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