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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The World Bank and the IMF seem to have lost any capacity to defend their own interests or their core mission. They have criticized the Singapore Government for blocking entry to Singapore of NGOs clearly on mission to cause trouble... Read More

Nippon's Bad Idea

One of the surprises about Japan's economic success in the late twentieth century was its ineptness in trade policy. It was the world's number three trading power in the eighties, yet exerted very little influence in the GATT or its... Read More

Alarmist Tsunami

Across Asia Pacific his week, there was a surge of global warming hype. The novelty for new alarmism goes to the English-language Viet Nam News which prominently carried a feature by a Reuters writer in Oslo about Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a... Read More

Radical Ambitions

Have you noticed that the leaders of the global NGO movement, such as WWF and Oxfam, no longer demonize the World Bank as a tool of the free market? They reckon they have brought it to heel. Given how James... Read More

Doha's Message: No Free Ride to Growth

Reality finally bit. The Doha Round talks have been put off indefinitely. This is the second best result: There was no deal worth doing in the Doha Round right now. Susan Schwab, the US Special Trade Representative blames Peter Mandelson,... Read More

WTO: Nestorize It

The G-8 Summit has given their trade officials one month to install the Doha Round of trade negotiations. Had George W. Bush proposed applying the "Lebanon fix" (get Syria to get Hezbollah to "stop this shit") to the WTO (get... Read More

The Politics of Managing Failure

Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO, gathered 60 trade ministers in Geneva last week to secure a "breakthrough" in the stalled WTO Doha Round trade negotiations. They failed, yet again. This is the fourth time in 2 years. Peter... Read More

Doha Held Hostage

Efforts in the World Trade Organization to expand world trade and lift global living standards are foundering. India and Brazil blame the United States and the European Union for coddling agriculture and blocking imports from their farmers. But New Delhi... Read More

Corruption Down Under?

John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister, recently took the unusual step of providing an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal. The thrust? To show how when questions arose about payment by Australia's monopoly wheat trading organization of over US$200 million in... Read More

WTO Is Stalled; Europe Is to Blame

The Doha Round is in trouble. Many of us have known this for a long time. Look at the list of articles on WTO on the "Editor's list" on the Financial Times online: Doha Round goes in circles US blames... Read More

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