Alan Oxley: September 2003 Archives

'What WTO?'

Before Cancun, APEC Ministers avowed in Thailand in May that a successful result from Cancun was essential. At Cancun they stood by as about 100 countries whose share of world trade might reach five percent on a sunny day... Read More

Hurricane Madness Hits WTO

CANCUN, Mexico -- Bad weather drives people crazy. It's hurricane season in the Caribbean and the Mexican resort of Cancun is in the zone. This must explain the crazy behavior here this week, because nothing else does.   First,... Read More

Groucho's Maxim

CANCUN, Mexico -- Groucho Marx's quip "Any club that would accept me as a member is not worth joining" showed he also understood the psychology of exclusion and the power of not craving it. These principles governed the behavior... Read More

Asia Matters Most

CANCUN, Mexico -- Bringing China into the global market economy is the single most important challenge facing the global economy and the most important challenge facing the WTO. It is more important than reform of world agricultural markets.  ... Read More

Subsidies and Scoundrels

There is a saying in politics that the last resort of rascals is to wrap themselves in the flag. The challenge to the EU to open food markets at the WTO conference next week at Cancun comes at an... Read More

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