Alan Oxley: November 2003 Archives

Ticking Firebombs

Having swathed ourselves in moral guilt for the impact human activity is having on the environment, we seem to be overlooking the fact that our efforts to fix problems can be misplaced. The psychology of this is interesting. It may... Read More

Dr. Mahathir, Jews and Asian Terror

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed has just stepped down after 22 years as Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was one of Asia's longest rulers and most controversial rulers. His last public speech had one of his trademarks -- an attack on the... Read More

Trade and Terrorism

Trade is supposed to promote peace, and in an unexpected way it may be helping to fight terrorism. APEC, a grouping of economies in the Asian Pacific rim, was established in 1989 to promote trade. The leaders of its 21... Read More

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