Alan Oxley: February 2004 Archives

Conning the Cambodians

The Cambodian people have had it tougher than most. Ruled by the murderous dictator, Pol Pot, for five years in the 1970s, one in seven of seven million Cambodians were systematically slaughtered. He conned them into believing that he... Read More

Trading Places?

Pascal Lamy, the EU trade commissioner, clearly did not enjoy the collapse of the World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun in September 2004. Has he finally decided to pay out the institution as a result? His latest idea of... Read More

China's Economic Rollercoaster

China has created the third wave of Asian growth. When it collapses, as it must, will it bring down the world economy? This will depend on how successful foreign enterprises are at managing risk. The problem is that no one... Read More

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