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Indonesia's New Corruption Watch

Indonesia has always surprised outsiders. It interweaves a cultural base rooted in ancient India with the largest Muslim population in the world. In other societies, this causes schisms. In Indonesia ideas and values which others would consider incompatible are... Read More

History Repeats Itself

Russia's ratification of Kyoto was expected. The question is why did President Putin do it? Kyoto will not reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide and accession could well be detrimental to Russia's economy. There are several theories. Here is... Read More

The Politicization of Trade

Britain's Peter Mandelson has been tagged as a free-trader, so his appointment as the EU's next trade commissioner has been generally approved. Al Gore is said to be a free-trader, yet his book, Earth in the Balance, shows he... Read More

How 'Bout Howard!

Ever since US Pacific forces stepped in to protect the South Pacific after Japan demolished the supposedly impregnable British garrison at Singapore in 1940, Australians routinely contribute to US military campaigns as payment for continuing guarantees by the US.. Read More

APEC for Tomorrow, Not Today

As Brazil and Venezuela toy with reverting to government agencies to generate economic growth, Chile remains a free market standout. The first Latin American nation since NAFTA to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, its President,... Read More

John Kerry, Going Solo

John Kerry has made a big deal about the Bush Administration playing solo in international affairs and offending other countries. He is of course referring to Iraq, where the only countries really offended are France and Germany. Yet John... Read More

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