Alan Oxley: November 2004 Archives

World Bank -- NGO Takeover?

James Wolfenson, the head of the World Bank, more than most people, has had "the NGO Experience". For years the Bank had been vilified by the left in the industrialized world. Its sin was that it promoted free market economics.... Read More

APEC's Threat -- Growth

Anti-growth protestors have hit the streets of Santiago, Chile. Their target is the Summit meeting of leaders from the 21 members of APEC, including President Bush. APEC is the grouping of economies on the Pacific Rim. Just the group's... Read More

EU Trade Bait

It is now European mantra that the US does not support multilateral institutions, like the Kyoto Protocol. In possibly his last act as European Trade Commissioner, Pascal Lamy has shown that the EU is now prepared to "entice" countries... Read More

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