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Insuring Climate Change -- High Risk Business

Alarmism over climate change has created many bandwagons. One is Europe's insurance industry. It is an official "business partner" of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the UN's official climate change booster. Many businesses seek a Green afterglow as Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Changing of the Guard

The picture was worth a thousand words. When Paula Dobrianksy, the State Department's senior official on climate change, presented Washington's partnership programs on climate change this week during the Buenos Aires conference on climate change, alongside her on Read More

Free Trade Asian Style

Vientiane is a charming, dusty town on the Mekong River, midway between Yunan and the South China Sea. Monks in saffron robes still roam the streets. Asia's leaders recently crowded into town for the annual Summit of the Association... Read More

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