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Keeping the Poor, Poor

Helping the under privileged can be hard work. Take Oxfam's recent experience in Sri Lanka. Customs authorities insisted it pay US $1 million in duties on 25 four wheel drive vehicles imported by Oxfam for tsunami relief. Naturally, Oxfam... Read More

Blair's Global Environment Failures: It's Not Just Climate Change

George Bush's unwillingness to back Tony Blair's climate change initiatives for the G8 Summit in July is not the only recent global initiative of Blair's to flop. Less publicized, but just as prized by green NGOs, was Blair's recent failure... Read More

Trading Away Good Health?

Pity Thai trade officials. They have their hands full with a very busy trade agenda that is being watched closely by their activist Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. As well as coping with acceleration of negotiations in the WTO Doha Round,... Read More

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