Alan Oxley: July 2005 Archives

World Protectionist Organization

Maybe it's time to put the Doha round of trade "liberalization" on ice. That's a conclusion I've reached in the aftermath of a meeting of trade ministers at Dalian, China, aimed at jump starting the stalled negotiations begun at a... Read More

Why a Global Research and Development Treaty Will Fail

Few people would argue we shouldn't have a United Nations. This does not however absolve the organization from the obligation to earn respect. The well-paid officials and diplomats who serve UN agencies forget this every now and again when they... Read More

Asian Eyes on Gleneagles

Mainstream media reporting from the Gleneagles Summit is that George Bush gave ground on climate change. He did give a little on what doesn't matter much -- the politics. On the substance, he had a win. The G8 Leaders endorsed... Read More

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