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Doha's Message: No Free Ride to Growth

Reality finally bit. The Doha Round talks have been put off indefinitely. This is the second best result: There was no deal worth doing in the Doha Round right now. Susan Schwab, the US Special Trade Representative blames Peter Mandelson,... Read More

WTO: Nestorize It

The G-8 Summit has given their trade officials one month to install the Doha Round of trade negotiations. Had George W. Bush proposed applying the "Lebanon fix" (get Syria to get Hezbollah to "stop this shit") to the WTO (get... Read More

The Politics of Managing Failure

Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO, gathered 60 trade ministers in Geneva last week to secure a "breakthrough" in the stalled WTO Doha Round trade negotiations. They failed, yet again. This is the fourth time in 2 years. Peter... Read More

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