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Indigestible Organic Propaganda

Consumer Reports recently released its semi-annual organic foods promotional edition, which claims that consumers would benefit from eating certain organic foods to "reduce exposure" to supposedly harmful pesticide residues. While the promotional is long on compara Read More

Who's Ignoring Science?

For years, Democrats and their environmentalist allies have been accusing the Bush administration of "ignoring the science" they claim shows humanity is warming the planet. It's a debatable accusation that we'll return to in a moment. What's not debatable is... Read More

...The State of Frogs

Author Michael Crichton has enraged environmentalists and left-leaning commentators with his new page turner, State of Fear. The novel cleverly exposes the semi-fictitious conspiracy to hoodwink the public into believing human activity is causing catastrophic globa Read More

Lessons From the Recall

High levels of a cancer-causing natural toxin have been found in every single organic cornmeal product tested by the UK's food safety watchdog, the Food Standards Agency.   That's a 100 percent failure rate, folks! The FSA instituted a UK-wide... Read More

Farming On Trial

British farmers must be wondering if they've been transported to Alice's Wonderland. Suddenly, normal farm activities like combating weeds in the fields are akin to crimes against nature.   Last week, the UK government released the results of its 3-year... Read More

Foes of the Earth

Those who call themselves advocates for the environment continue in their desperate campaign against biotech-improved crops -- the most critically needed farming technology in half a century. In a world that already farms nearly half the non-ice covered land... Read More

Curb Their Enthusiasm

On HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the female lead character portrays a lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council. It is appropriate that this show is a comedy, because NRDC has long been a bad national joke. How are we to... Read More

Frog Fog

Is a widely used herbicide causing transgendered frogs? Ever since a group of Minnesota middle school students found some deformed frogs while on a nature class field trip in 1995, environmental scientists have been intensively looking for the causes... Read More

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