Articles by Alex Pollock

Cartel to Competition

The outlook for the future structure of the credit rating agency sector improved greatly on July 12th, when the House of Representatives passed the "The Credit Rating Agency Duopoly Relief Act" with a solid majority. Ratings on bonds and other... Read More

Undoing SOX's Unintended Consequences

Debates about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act continue, but one thing is clear: its implementation has created unintended consequences. As every Member of Congress knows from many constituents, it has caused a tremendously expensive amount of paperwork and bureaucracy. And Read More

A New Approach to Personal Social Security Accounts: "Your Own Trust Fund"

When the First Continental Congress proclaimed that it stood for "Life, Liberty and Property," it was linking ownership of property to liberty in a free society. Personal Social Security accounts as vehicles for the expansion of ownership are very much... Read More

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