Articles by Alex Standish

The Young and the Restless

On November 2nd young people turned out to vote in record numbers relative to previous years. Some 4.6 million more under-30s voted than in 2000, increasing the percentage voting from 42 to 51 per cent (1). This total of... Read More

The New Moral Tourism

A new book by Jim Butcher, The Moralisation of Tourism: Sun, Sand and ...Saving the World, illustrates how a pervasive culture of moral restraint has risen to dominate travel. The book argues that the Mass Tourist seeking sun, sand,... Read More

The Greening of Higher Education

This May a conference in New York City titled Integrating Environmental Ethics into Environmental Studies: Ethics, Science, and Civic Responsibility will bring together faculty from higher education institutions to discuss how they can "incorporate an understandin Read More

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