Articles by Alexander Monro

Wheels of Fortune

Of all the growth industries in China few have burgeoned with the speed of the automobile industry. Although the middle-class wants more mobility, the status attached to cars is at least as important for an emerging bourgeoisie. Just a... Read More

Islam Needs a Cromwell

Edward Feser's recent article 'Does Islam need a Luther or a Pope?' begs a reply. The article he writes is partly about whether Islam needs a Luther or a Pope, but is also a Catholic apologetic. He takes the... Read More

Bush Gets Machiavellian on Pyongyang

It is strange to hear of goings-on in Pyongyang. The city features all the kitsch propaganda of an isolated but cocky regime. Mass rallies and military displays recently marked the birthday of the "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il. The pariah... Read More

Old Suits, New Style

The Chinese government has in recent years chosen to fight for legitimacy by ensuring economic growth. While few within the administration would privately profess truly Communist leanings, none openly advocates multi-party democracy, the rule of law or the separat Read More

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