Articles by Alfred G. Cuzán

Jefferson vs. Hamilton Redux

Today's divide over ObamaCare, bailouts and an exploding national debt brings to mind a defining conflict between two of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Their feud--nicely recounted in John Ferling's A Leap in the Dark: The Stru Read More

Will Barack Obama Be a One-Term President?

It may be in bad taste to ask this question now, when Mr. Obama is basking in the glow of the honeymoon with the public every new president enjoys. What prompts it is the recently released federal budget. According to... Read More

Can Bush Be Another FDR or Reagan?

Will Bush the Younger be a one-term president? The accompanying chart displays the relationship between the percent of GNP spent by the federal government, on the one hand, and the popular vote for president over the last 33 elections,... Read More

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