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Israel's Tech Boom

The last decade of the 20th Century was a period of hope and optimism for the citizens of Israel. The Oslo peace process was still on track and this tiny Mediterranean nation was at the absolute forefront of the burgeoning... Read More

For Those About to Rock the Vote...

US President George W. Bush has an uphill struggle to keep the White House in November -- especially now that he is being subjected to a barrage of... music from electric guitars. Naturally there has been a lot of... Read More

Michel et Moi

Recently the annual film festival in Cannes, Europe's answer to Hollywood's Oscars, closed with the awarding of its prestigious Palme d'Or to Michael Moore for his movie Fahrenheit 9/11. From the front-page, top-of-the-fold coverage this received in many European. Read More

The Temptation of Europe

A week ago the Western world awoke to an outstretched hand from its modern nemesis, Usama bin Ladin. It was, however, outstretched only for part of the Western world. The Big Satan and the Little Satan, the US and... Read More

Smoke and Mirrors

Ireland's new smoking policy, introduced at the start of the year, has finally taken effect. The new ban on smoking in public places, even in pubs, is similar to ones introduced in several cities in the United States. As... Read More

Terrorism's True Name

Two days of speculation about who was responsible for last Thursday's Madrilenian horror apparently ended on Saturday night, when Spanish police reported the arrests of three Moroccans and two Indian Muslims as suspects. But the speculation was somewhat superficia Read More

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