Articles by Alvaro Vargas Llosa

Government Solving Its Own Crises

The Federal Reserve recently announced new measures to tackle the current financial crisis. They include helping J.P. Morgan Chase acquire Bear Stearns, lowering the discount rate and offering short-term loans to about 20 investment banks-- and they came only days. Read More

Kosovo's Independence Daze

Kosovo's leaders -- along with their European andAmerican supporters -- should not forget the lesson behind the tragedy thatled to the Serbian province's declaration of independence this week. Thatlesson has much more to do with the horrors of nationalism as... Read More

Adrift on the Right

The 2008 American presidential campaign has brought into the open a dramatic soul-searching among conservatives desperate to find a leader and, more importantly, an ideological identity.A movement that pins its hopes on three different leaders successively in the c Read More

Defining Developed

SANTIAGO, Chile -- It might be argued that a country ceases to be underdeveloped when its citizens shift their anger from other people's wealth to the quality of the services their own wealth is paying for. Chile is perhaps the... Read More

It's the Local Politicians, Stupid

The catastrophe that has befallen Kenya since the riggedelection of Dec. 27 -- killings and displacements, curtailed freedoms, apromising economy on the verge of being wrecked -- confirms for theumpteenth time that local politicians, not the remnants of imperialism Read More

How the World Views Obama

Foreign leaders and journalists often joke that the whole world should get to vote in U.S. elections since the outcome affects the entire planet. His recent setback in New Hampshire notwithstanding, an intense scrutiny of Barack Obama is taking place... Read More

Put the Fear of Gold in Ya'

Some assets rise because people feel there will be no end to their good fortune. That kind of "irrational exuberance" partly explains the dot-com bubble of the 1990s and the real estate bubble of the new millennium -- to use... Read More

On the Need for Matrimonial Cruelty

Cristina Fernandez recently took office as Argentina's president. Until a few weeks ago, she was the country's first lady. The big difference, of course, does not reside so much in the fact that her former status was ceremonial and dependent... Read More

Bucking the System

Recently, The Washington Post carried a front-page story about a federal raid on the headquarters of the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and Internal Revenue Code (Norfed). The Indiana-based company, which advocates "sound money," ha Read More

Mush Man: Pakistan and the Illusion of Force

During his eight-year rule, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has not been able to deliver the promise he made after staging his bloodless coup in 1999 -- order and stability. He has delivered a pro-Western regime and collaborated with American and... Read More

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