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We Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Polish Communism

He called it "literature by foot,'' and there was certainly a lot of literature and a lot of walking in his books. But no one, not even him, ever came up with an exact term to describe the genre... Read More

French Lessons

It has become fashionable to refer to Algeria's war of liberation against the French (1954-1962) when talking about Iraq. President Bush is reading British historian Alistair Horne's account of that war - "A Savage War of Peace" -- and... Read More

The Power of Vested Interests vs. The Power of Productivity

I received a generous letter from the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum this week telling me I had been selected as a Young Global Leader 2007 by an international jury presided over by Queen Rania of Jordan.... Read More

The Fight for the Latin Left's Soul

Twelve general elections were held in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last 12 months, if we exclude Guyana, which belongs to the English-speaking club, and we include Haiti, an ambidextrous French-speaking country that sometimes sides with the... Read More

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