Alvaro Vargas Llosa: April 2007 Archives

Despotic Populism Is On the March

I am fascinated by the similarities between Russia and Latin America. The latest wave of repression against critics of President Vladimir Putin in Russia and the victory obtained by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa in their recent referendum, which provides a... Read More

Pleading for Trade

There was a time when the United States seemed to bully Latin Americans into opening their doors to U.S. capitalism. The United Fruit Co., in the eyes of many Latin Americans, was the symbol of that era. What a... Read More

Castro's Enemy: The Ethanol Alliance

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's visit to Camp David last weekend was meant to seal what is being dubbed as "the ethanol alliance'' between the United States and the South American giant. I have no idea whether... Read More

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