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Children of the Corn

The historical significance of corn in the Americas is comparable to that of rice in China or wheat in the Middle East. Corn is more than a staple, it is part of the region's DNA -- which explains the hysteria... Read More

The Importance of Hong Kong's Resilience

None of the predictions that were made 10 years ago regarding Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China turned out to be right.China did not wreck the system that has made Hong Kong the 10th leading economy in the world,... Read More

Still Spooked

The CIA recently declassified almost 700 pages of documents related to illegal activities undertaken by that agency in the 1960s and '70s -- the so-called "family jewels." Many skeptical Latin Americans were hoping that this exercise in transparency would help... Read More

Hugo's Match

Following the government's decision not to renew its broadcast license for the alleged violation of ethical standards, Venezuela's oldest TV network went off the air on Sunday. Consequently, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), the pugnacious media outlet that was too Read More

Dictatorships and Growth Standards

A group of European readers of this column recently wrote to me, arguing that from an economic point of view, dictatorships have been outperforming democracies for many years and that if the trend continues, there will be very little incentive... Read More

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