Alvaro Vargas Llosa: October 2007 Archives

Wealth and Nations

MONTERREY, Mexico -- Is global capitalism making the poor even poorer, or is it in fact rescuing millions of people out of their misery? I recently had the chance to participate in a series of debates here about this issue... Read More

Evo and the Myths

TIWANAKU, Bolivia -- The decision by Evo Morales to bar the American ambassador in La Paz from entering the presidential palace because of comments he recently made has brought the Bolivian president some renewed international attention. However, the relationship b Read More

Hope and Reform

The recent extradition of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori to face charges of human rights violations and corruption is a welcome development. It is also a monumental challenge to the institutions of a country that has not been able to... Read More

The Groupthink Global Initiative

NEW YORK -- One would expect some diversity of opinion at a gathering of heads of government, CEOs and nonprofit organizations from different sides of the political spectrum. That was not the case at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting last... Read More

Chavez's New Ally?

YAGUARON, Paraguay -- A feisty populist former priest could win next April's Paraguayan elections and become Hugo Chavez's new ally in this country bordering Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. The rise of Fernando Lugo, who was active in the liberation theology... Read More

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