Articles by Amanda Oliver

The Scary Man with a Van...

I used to believe they were part of an urban myth until I actually saw one ... a TV detector van. But officials do indeed roam Britain's streets in a fleet of specially equipped vehicles designed to pick up... Read More

Capitalism With a Human Face

The Oscar-nominated French Canadian movie The Barbarian Invasions pits a puritan ambitious capitalist against a sensual socialist. Terminally ill, leftwing history professor Rémy seems fated to live out his days in an overcrowded and chaotic Montreal hospital ward Read More

More Tax Please, We're British

It's 11:30 p.m. and I'm scrabbling about on the floor: crawling round on the carpet sifting through daunting piles of cryptic receipts, crumpled invoices and assorted scraps of paper. I comb through a chunk of credit card bills and... Read More

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