Amity Shlaes: March 2005 Archives

Understanding the Hassle of Procedure

The sad fate of Terri Schiavo preoccupies the US in this, one of our most religious seasons. But it was unwise of Republicans to lead Congress in intervening in the decision to remove the woman's feeding tube. Nor was... Read More

Is Bush Trying to Destroy the UN and World Bank?

Less than two weeks until World Bank shareholders vote on Paul Wolfowitz's nomination to head the Bank and the protests continue to build. Naming John Bolton, a vigorous critic of the United Nations, to serve as US ambassador to the... Read More

He Also Hated the French

Is the US still at war? Fighting as vague a conflict as the war on terror is hard, polarizing citizens and rendering difficult Washington's decisions about civil liberties at home. Washington is also preoccupied with sustaining its alliance with London.... Read More

Democrats Are Thinking About Foreign Competitors

NEW YORK -- India, China; China, India. The only remaining question seems to be which will clobber the rest of us first. Recently, even as the dollar slid, Azim Premji of Wipro was touring the US terrifying conference rooms... Read More

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