Articles by Andrew Apostolou

Bush's Geneva Turn

The Pentagon decision on July 7, 2006 to adopt a key article of the four Geneva Conventions for Guantanamo Bay detainees is an important step -- but perhaps not for the reasons one would expect. For one, the order points... Read More

How Britain's Conservatives Have Undermined the Atlantic Alliance

Just when the US and allies such as France and Germany are patching up their differences and letting bygones be bygones over Iraq, the hottest ticket in Britain's elections seems to be anti-Americanism. Nothing illustrates this trend better than the... Read More

Michael Scheuer's Bloody Logic

Michael Scheuer, whose book Imperial Hubris lambasts US strategy in the war against al Qaeda, has attracted attention for recent public statements on Israel. The former head of the CIA's bin Laden unit, Scheuer claimed at the Council on Foreign... Read More

In Our Name, Not In Our Image

Yet again, the US appears to be facing a setback in Iraq. The cloud in the silver lining of the Iraqi elections seems to be the victory of the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), a coalition dominated by Shi'a Islamist parties.... Read More

Opposition During Wartime

Opposing a government in wartime is proving to be a frustrating experience for the political enemies of president George W. Bush and prime minister Tony Blair. Against their expectations, Democrats saw President Bush re-elected with a majority of the popular... Read More

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