Articles by Andrew Ian Dodge

Stars and Stripes

Hollywood has have never been known to be a friend of right-of-centre causes. The same could be said of the music business. Most people could probably name one musician that was firmly right-of-centre: Ted Nugent. Is it possible that times... Read More

Revolution a-Brewing

Earl's Court in London has seen many a famous rock and pop gig. Last week, the venue hosted the Great British Beer Festival, an event I visit every year to sample beers from all over the UK and beyond. But... Read More

Political Spinal Tap

A foreign policy crisis is roiling the European Union. Ambassadors have been mobilized to defend reputations and assert national pride. What late-breaking political or geo-strategic event has precipitated this drama? Actually, it's a cultural event - one that is be Read More

A Political Football

It's an object lesson in the comparative value of non-government influence. Two new stadiums being built in Britain, both high-profile construction projects designed to glorify their resident teams and boost national pride, demonstrate vividly the value of the priv Read More

Blair Rising, Again?

It really would have been unthinkable a few months ago to suggest that Tony Blair might be forced to stay on for a fourth general election. He was at that time under pressure from his party over a whole raft... Read More

Drawn to the Cause

As a creative type and songwriter I am following with great concern the events in Denmark and the rest of Europe about the cartoons depicting Mohammad. Remembering what happened to Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh - who was brutally murdered... Read More

Tory Spilling

As we start the New Year, the new leader of Britain's Conservative Party, David Cameron, is changing policy at a blistering pace. His allies, friends and enforcers are insisting that anyone who resists change does not want to win elections.... Read More

Loud Enough For You?

The European Union has decided that its citizens need better protection for their hearing. The subject has been under discussion for many years, as early as 1994 in fact. Ever vigilant, the EU has decided that a maximum of 87decibels... Read More

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