Articles by Andrew J. Coulson

No Longer Choosing Choice

In a new City Journal essay, prominent school voucher advocate Sol Stern declares that competition and choice "may not be a panacea," and recommends that choice supporters shift emphasis to standardizing the curriculum.He's not alone.Conservatives have long champio Read More

All Americans Left Behind

Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act overwhelmingly in December 2001. NCLB's popularity was partly political and partly geopolitical. Republicans wanted a legislative victory for the new president, and legislators sought to demonstrate U.S. solidarity in t Read More

CEOs Learning About Education

Some of the nation's top business and policy leaders assembled in Washington recently for the Commerce Department's "Summit on American Competitiveness." Among the speakers were the CEOs of Intel, FedEx, and GM, along with other illustrious participants. Improving Read More

Counting by Race

Can public schools accept or reject students based on their race? Last week, the Supreme Court took up that question in a pair of school integration cases from Seattle and Louisville. In each case, students were denied admission to... Read More

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