Articles by Andy Kessler

Cali Cupcake Cops

I tried. I really tried. But it took all of a few days with the kids back in school before I ran into the new "policy" that finally pushed me over the edge. Look, school is hard, starting with no... Read More

Lazard Succumbs

The last of the closely held financial empires is about to give in to Wall Street's demands. Say it ain't so, but Lazard Freres may go public, or will die trying. Lazard (the quaint Freres got dropped for obvious... Read More

Street Fight

Gotta love it. Two 30 year olds, armed only with Lava lamps and 100,000 cheap PCs spitting out Google searches, are flipping the proverbial bird to blue-blood suspender-wearing Wall Street. And why not? Google is the most profitable company... Read More

Warren Buffett Hates Your Guts

The Oracle of Omaha is a great investor, no doubt, and has earned the right to speak his mind. And speak he does. So much so that it is increasingly clear that behind that homespun, good old boy, Cherry Coke... Read More

Give Me My Twisted Pair or Give Me Death!

In 1904, the United States took on the task of building the Panama Canal, after the French company that started the project gave up, having lost thousands of workers to malaria and yellow fever. Mosquitoes would suck infected blood from... Read More

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