Articles by Angela Logomasini

Europe's OverREACH

As the European Parliament moves towards adoption of the controversial REACH Directive, it's worth looking at some recent studies that have looked at what effect the chemicals testing requirements would actually have. Recently, the European Commission-funded Europe Read More

REACH and Risk

One of the key reasons the European Union's proposed constitution was rejected by French and Dutch voters is that they dislike having their lives controlled by rigid, centralized dictates from Brussels. The most recent example of job-killing, nanny-state policy fro Read More

Six Tsunamis

Imagine that every year the world suffered from six or more tsunamis producing the horrific death toll recently experienced. That's how many people die every year from malaria alone, and the tsunami may contribute to even higher rates this year.... Read More

Sympathy for the Mosquito?

"Save Our Mosquitoes," isn't a plea one expects to see these days with the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus killing hundreds and making thousands of people sick. But someone posted that very appeal on a sign in Chargin Falls, Ohio.... Read More

Hit the Deck

If you are considering a new deck, act fast. Federal regulators are poised to ban the most popular and affordable decking material - wood treated with the preservative chromated copper arsenate (CCA). Junk science has indicted CCA, despite the fact... Read More

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