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Hot Air

A recent study by Vecchi, et al titled "Weakening of tropical Pacific atmospheric circulation due to anthropogenic forcing"[1], states that there has been a discernable (approximately 3.5 percent) weakening in the Walker Circulation since the mid-1800's. The Walker Read More

The Climate Forest for the Trees

A recent article appearing in the journal Nature [1] discusses the finding of a new source of atmospheric methane from plant growth, in particular from forests. Methane is a greenhouse gas. Emissions of methane, like those of its more famous... Read More

Is the Current Era of Hurricane Activity Unprecedented?

In the age of instant media, the pictures coming from the southeastern United States of the damage wrought by the one-two punch of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have triggered a generous response from our nation to those hurt the most... Read More

Climate Cartoon: Simplify and Exaggerate

A new study published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature [1] late last week, made headlines with the claim that the climate of our world may be more sensitive than we previously thought. The study, authored by a group based... Read More

What Exactly Are the Global Warming Models Saying?

It's fright month for adherents of global warming who, following upon Russia's failure to meet the Sept. 6 deadline for signing a global treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions, apparently want to scare the public at large to pressure... Read More

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