Ariel Cohen: May 2003 Archives

The Back Office of Terror

Global economic stability and the U.S. energy security are at risk after recent Al Qaeda attacks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. If the Saudi regime falters, if the Kingdom's vast oil infrastructure is damaged, or if a prolonged civil war erupts,... Read More


In early April, Russia and Turkmenistan signed a 25-year natural gas agreement which, if successful, is projected to sell two trillion cubic meters of gas, bringing the two partners half a trillion dollars in sales over its lifetime. Turkmenistan, with... Read More

Azerbaijan After Aliev

President Heydar Aliev's very public collapse during a recent televised speech, which was broadcast on Azerbaijani TV and around the world, has forced Bush administration officials to face the eventual mortality of the Azeri leader - and to focus on... Read More

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