Ariel Cohen: December 2003 Archives

Israel's Security Conundrum

HERTZLIYA, Israel -- In a major policy speech Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Thursday that if the Road Map is not implemented by the Palestinian Authority, he will pull the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from major areas in... Read More

The Kremlin That Killed Kyoto

MOSCOW, Russia -- Andrey Illarionov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's libertarian economic adviser, almost single-handedly engineered the Kremlin's commitment to kill the Kyoto Protocol -- a climate control treaty heavily promoted by the European Union and enviro Read More

Russia's "Controlled Democracy" Strikes Back

The tectonic plate shift in Russian politics, which occurred in parliamentary elections Sunday would make Russia diplomatically more prickly and less hospitable to foreign investment. There are three winners and two losers in the elections. The big losers are... Read More

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