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Betting Against Convergence

For the past decade, pundits have been predicting media convergence. As Nicholas Negroponte wrote in Being Digital, we can represent audio, video, and text as bits. Therefore, the convergence hypothesis goes, we do not need devices that specialize in one... Read More

Phase Out Medicare

With the recent shake-up in the Bush Administration's economic team, some pundits are clamoring for a bolder economic policy. That got me to start thinking about how I would respond if someone were to ask me for a bold, specific... Read More

Edge Power

The Internet lowers the cost of the tools of communication and creativity, making them affordable to individuals and small businesses. This phenomenon might be called Edge Power, because it increases power around the "edges" of the network, in contrast with... Read More

Outlaws and Databases

A folk song that was popular in my childhood describes a utopia of ineffective jails and crippled policemen. "In the Big Rock Candy Mountain the cops have wooden legs" --"The Big Rock Candy Mountain" (attributed to Harry McClintock, popularized by... Read More

'What Causes Prosperity?'

I had a friend once and he was asked to chair a commission, an international committee, and the title of it was What Causes Poverty. He declined. He said I will do it but on one condition. The condition is... Read More

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