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Economic Idiotarianism

"What bloggers are more than anything, I think, is anti-idiot." - Glenn Reynolds In response to Reynolds, Charles Johnson coined the term anti-idiotarian, introducing a new political expression into the lexicon. The concept has been spelled out further, most notabl Read More

Living in Minus

"One of the criteria I think I have for getting married is that the guy has to be opposed to living in minus." An Israeli entrepreneur we met when our family visited the country last December explained to us... Read More

Oil Econ 101

My instinct is to oppose any policy initiative that is touted to fight child pornography or the drug menace. It's not that I'm in favor of child porn or drug abuse. However, I am conditioned by experience to expect proposals... Read More

Content Is Crap

"So we also can be grateful this week for the launch Monday of some smart software from a Stanford University-based organization called Creative Commons" --Dan Gillmor Creative Commons is an Internet service founded by Lawrence Lessig, a lawyer and author... Read More

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