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Could You Comment...?

People listening to our military spokespersons as they are grilled by reporters from the BBC, CBS News, The New Yorker, etc., may be getting discouraged. But just imagine what the reporters would be asking the Iraqi military if they... Read More

Dear War Protesters

Dear war protesters, I was a war protester in the Vietnam era. Maybe you can relate to my story. My Vietnam Timeline I was born in 1954, the year the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu. The French... Read More

What Is Unusual?

I am an economist, which does not make me a political scientist or a military historian. Nonetheless, some of the claims that are being made about the possible war with Iraq did not coincide with my memory of history. In... Read More

Suits and Geeks

The influential technology writers David Weinberger and Doc Searls recently launched World of Ends, which can be viewed as an attempt to give Suits some clues about the Internet. I agree with most of what Weinberger and Searls have... Read More

Whose Supply-Side Are You On?

For die-hard hippies, it is always August 1969 and "I'm goin' on down to Yasgur's farm." If you suggest that we are no longer Woodstock Nation, they get very bitter. Supply-side economists present a similar profile. They challenged the establishment,... Read More

A Metaphor's Metaphors

"Since the Internet has lowered distribution and reproduction costs, bad IP laws are more costly now than they were in the past. 150 year copyright terms just didn't matter much before Napster. A new IP regime needs to understand the... Read More

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