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The Great Race

The movie-going public is being treated to a depiction of the rivalry between two Depression-era horses -- War Admiral and Seabiscuit. One can view the future outlook for the United States economy as a similar contest, in this case... Read More

Mandatory Libertarianism

"I'm a geneticist," the woman said, as she began an impassioned speech against vouchers and school choice. "I don't want to see schools where students are not taught evolution. And I want to make sure that they get sex education... Read More

Please, Outsource to My Daughter

"...many of us have our shirts laundered at professional cleaners rather than wash and iron them ourselves. Anyone who advised us to "protect" ourselves from the "unfair competition" of low-paid laundry workers by doing our own wash would be thought... Read More

Walden Puddle's Candidate

"I believe decentralization is THE theme for our times. It's what the Net and the Web were about in the first place. It's what Cluetrain was about. It's what the successes of Net-roots movements like MeetUp, MoveOn,, AOTC, Warblogging,... Read More

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