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Real World 101

"Of far more serious import was the isolation of writing-school students (and teachers) from real-world America. The campus, for all its attractions, is a poor place to get any feel for life as most Americans live it, yet the... Read More

My Libertarian Persuasion

"Neoconservatism is what the late historian of Jacksonian America, Marvin Meyers, called a 'persuasion,' one that manifests itself over time, but erratically, and one whose meaning we clearly glimpse only in retrospect." -- Irving Kristol, The Neoconservative Persu Read More

The Real Internet Candidate

"The Internet isn't a thing. It's an agreement...If you want to put a computer - or a cell phone or a refrigerator--- on the network, you have to agree to the agreement that is the Internet." --Doc Searls and... Read More


" could instead define expansions and recessions in terms of whether the fraction of the economy's productive resources that is being used is rising or falling (in which case the behavior of the unemployment rate would be a critical... Read More

Sink the Terrorists

Through the smoke Horton could see that the tide of battle was still flowing decisively in the Allies' favour. In this month, later judged by some commentators to be the one in which Britain's vital lifeline to North America came... Read More

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