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Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism

"I am a bleeding heart libertarian. Because I'm a nice guy and want to address society's problems and I want disadvantaged people to become better advantaged. By instincts and experience I believe that government seldom delivers the benefits the "bleeding... Read More

The UN Party vs. The US Party?

"[The Bush Administration] has rejected a long list of multilaterally negotiated agreements: the comprehensive test ban, the Kyoto treaty, the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Biological Warfare Convention Protocol, the International Criminal Court, the Landmine conventi Read More

The Zen of Feedback

"Accuse the other party of your worst faults. Insist that you are an avatar of the Truth and that the other person is Falsehood incarnate" --Joel GAzis-SAx, Rules for Flame Wars   I like receiving feedback on my TCS essays,... Read More

The World's Nicest Holding Pen

"Because maybe college isn't the be-all and end-all that parents make it out to be. You know, I mean, maybe once you get past the rhetoric of all these great books that nobody reads, college is basically just a holding... Read More

The President's Macroeconomic Report Card

"...the Bush fiscal policy is the worst policy in over 200 years."-- George Akerlof   With school starting up again, my mind is on grading. I am going to argue that on macroeconomic policy, President Bush deserves a B+ or... Read More

Manufacturing a Crisis

"30 years from now, instead of growing a tree, cutting down the tree and building this wooden table, we would be able to just place some DNA in some living cells, and grow the table." --Rodney Brooks    ... Read More

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