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Man vs. Machine

"I was surprised to see Kasparov favored. Once he lost to Deep Blue, the last big match (Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz) was a draw. I know it is not as simple as Moore's Law, but hey, don't these machines improve... Read More

The Balance of Saving

"Isn't it just a little twisted that the United States, the world's richest country, is on track to borrow more than $500 billion from abroad this year? Isn't it even stranger that this borrowing includes sizable chunks from countries such... Read More

The Technology Edge

"General LeMay -- did you hear about this? -- said he wants to take a supersonic plane around the globe, to shake up the Russians. [audience laughter] Ahhh, skepticism, eh? You don't think it will? Well, I do. I think... Read More

The Sect of Austrian Economics

"[Sociologist Ernst] Troeltsch distinguished between church, sect, and mysticism as primary types of religious life. The church is more peremptorily inclusive and achieves greater accommodation to worldly institutions. The sect demands voluntary commitment from its Read More

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