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The Internet and Mobocracy

This was Coase's fundamental insight: "If a workman moves from department Y to department X, he does not go because of change in relative prices, but because he is ordered to do so." Accordingly, economic activity will be conducted... Read More

Biotech Ends and Means

'He left me in to pitch to Richardson, who sent a pop fly that hung over Maxvill at second base. Groat yelled, "Don't let it hit you on the coconut, Maxie," and he didn't.' -- Bob Gibson (with Lonnie... Read More

Dear Unemployed Techie

"Where I live in the Bay Area 300,000 tech jobs have disappeared in the last 3 years. During a period of unemployment last winter I took a computer science class and it was full of middle-aged long-term unemployed, lots of... Read More

The Libertarian Alternative?

"Suppose that, like many Americans, you believe in reproductive choice as well as school choice. In an ideal world, you could vote for a presidential candidate and political party that reflects both positions. In today's political system, however, any American... Read More

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