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Privatization: The Ultimate "Lockbox" for Social Security

"Younger workers should have the opportunity to build a nest egg by saving part of their Social Security taxes in a personal retirement account. We should make the Social Security system a source of ownership for the American people."... Read More

Taking Advantage

"England may be so circumstanced, that to produce the cloth may require the labour of 100 men for one year; and if she attempted to make the wine, it might require the labour of 120 men for the same... Read More

The Terror War's Inevitable Fog

Ridgway turned to Humphrey and said there was one thing about the war which puzzled him. "What's that?" Humphrey asked. "I have never known what the mission for General Westmoreland was," Ridgway said. -- David Halberstam, The Best and... Read More

Updating Tom Wolfe

"I call Las Vegas the Versailles of America, and for specific reasons. Las Vegas happened to be created after the war, with war money, by gangsters. Gangsters happened to be the first uneducated...but more to the point, unaristocratic, outside... Read More

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