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The Problem with Dead White Males

"It's a pretty good zoo," Said young Gerald McGrew "And the fellow who runs it Seems proud of it, too." -- Dr. Seuss, If I Ran the Zoo University presidents seem pretty proud of their undergraduate colleges. However, their... Read More

Freedom Without Responsibility

"The serious and interesting issue is how do we explain the surplus of liberals in seems to me that the only viable hypothesis left is something like the following: There is a statistical association between the qualities that... Read More

Decisions Under Uncertainty

"Tim Russert: But can you launch a preemptive war without iron clad, absolute intelligence that he had weapons of mass destruction? President Bush: Let me take a step back for a second and there is no such thing necessarily... Read More

The FlexDollar Welfare State

"Freddie Mac provides its employees FlexDollars to help pay for the benefits our employees select. These funds offset the cost of employee's medical, dental, vision, life insurance and vacation purchased." -- Freddie Mac web site As pundits geared up... Read More

The Downfall of the Anointed

"'For, the goal is to mobilize like-minded people to action against the Republican agenda, not to persuade them that it's wrong,' said Eli Pariser, the group's campaign director. "'Changing people's minds is overrated,' Mr. Pariser said. 'Most of... Read More

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