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The Forty Years War

"Political debate began to decline around the turn of the century [1900], curiously enough at a time when the press was becoming more 'responsible,' more professional, more conscious of its civic obligations." -- Chistopher Lasch, The Revolt of the... Read More

The Destabilizing Oil Speculator

"John Kerry's quick-fix suggestion that the strategic petroleum reserve be opened is simply another example of political opportunism; he made more sense in 2000 when he opposed opening the reserve." -- James Robbins, National Review Online, 5-19-04 "In short,... Read More

Technological Tap Dance

"Public safety is not negotiable." -- Joseph Adelstein, FCC Commissioner It sounds to me as though Commissioner Adelstein and others are digging into a position that providers of Internet-based telephone service -- Voice over IP, or VOIP, for short... Read More

A Proposal to Fight Cultural Segregation

"The growing insularity of the elites means, among other things, that political ideologies lose touch with the concerns of ordinary citizens... Both left- and right-wing ideologies, in any case, are now so rigid that new ideas make little impression... Read More

Leaving the Educrats Behind

"All great teachers are outlaws" -- William J. Bennett, former Secretary of Education William Bennett, speaking at the 2004 Milken Institute Global Conference, expressed pessimism about working within the system to reform public education. He argued that the burea Read More

Don't Resign, Rumsfeld

"This administration needs to undertake a total overhaul of its policy; otherwise, it is courting a total disaster for us all. That overhaul needs to begin with President Bush firing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld -- today, not tomorrow... Read More

The Innovationist

"Mother Teresa helped many people, but Michael Milken helped more." -- John Stossel, "In Defense of Greed," Forbes, Feb. 2, 2004 * On April 26-28, I attended the Milken Institute Global Conference, held in Beverly Hills, California. The conference... Read More

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