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Bubble Bubble, Is There Trouble?

"the price-earnings ratio for homes in the Bay Area and greater Los Angeles is also skyrocketing, according to a forthcoming report from UCLA economist Ed Leamer. He says homes are so overvalued that prices are likely to fall when... Read More

The Left's Tactical Weapons

"So if last week's Reagan retrospectives emphasized his lasting influence on history, it's worth remembering that his small-government crusade is one area in which his influence has come and gone. The dominant assumption of most political commentary in the... Read More

A 2020 Vision for Education

"For a basket of economic education goods, will prices be higher or lower than the rate of inflation over the next 6 years and through 2010?" -- Randy Piper Questions like these from a loyal reader led me to... Read More

Reaganomics in Context

" Let me talk, rather, of those presidents who I've known in my own lifetime. And there, there's no doubt in my mind that Ronald Reagan was by far the greatest. " took real principles to do what he... Read More

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