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Winning the Health Care Olympics?

"The fact is that the mainly private U.S. health care system spends far more than the mainly public health care systems of other advanced countries, but gets worse results. In 2001, we spent $4,887 on health care per capita,... Read More

Understanding 'Middle-Class Squeeze'

"The 445,000 second homes sold in 2003 represent a 7 percent increase from 2001 and a 33 percent increase from 1995, the Realtors group said. According to the study, the typical second-home owner is 61, has owned property for... Read More

Middle Man Mess

"A relentless rise in the cost of employee health insurance has become a significant factor in the employment slump, as the labor market adds only a trickle of new jobs each month despite nearly three years of uninterrupted economic... Read More

Self-Righteous Prescription

"drug companies are dependent on the public for a host of special favors--including the rights to NIH-funded research, long periods of market monopoly, and multiple tax breaks that almost guarantee a profit. Because of these special favors and the... Read More

The Terrorism Funnel

"Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter used the term 'barrel with a bottom' recently when he said that, contrary to popular opinion and military convention, terrorism is not an endless pit, but that there is a limited supply of terrorists... Read More

The Happiness Police

"The evidence thus suggests that if income affects happiness, it is relative, not absolute, income that matters...In most cases, the person who stays at the office two hours longer each day to be able to afford a house in... Read More

When President Bush Speaks

Kerry's "doctrine of necessity," if seriously intended, would entail a pacifism and an isolationism more thorough than any attempted by a U.S. government since the 1930s. --Robert Kagan Robert Kagan's analysis echoes mine. I was disappointed in John Kerry's... Read More

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