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Four Myths About Social Security

"No matter what plan he chooses, any privatization would also come with so-called transition costs, the initial increase in the gap between worker contributions and retiree benefits that would result as workers send part of their payroll taxes into... Read More

News Flash: Nobel Laureate Criticizes Bush Tax Cuts!

"What Bush has done has been not very big, it's pretty small," Prescott told CNBC financial news television. "Tax rates were not cut enough," he said. -- AFP news agency Winners of the Nobel Prize in economics usually are... Read More

Taking Kuttner's Health Care Challenge

"The hardest job for a liberal is to defend the D.C. public school system. The hardest job for a conservative is to defend free-market health care." -- Robert Kuttner "Yes, but the D.C. public school system actually exists." --... Read More

Economic Illiteracy Quadrifecta

"In the minds of the public, prices apparently go up when businesses suddenly start to feel greedier. Economists, in contrast, expect businesses to be greedy year-in, year-out; but depending on market conditions, greed may call for prices to go... Read More

Saving Freedom

"Noneconomists imagine that God has so poorly designed the world that a lack of thrift, even tending to avarice, is, alas, necessary to keep the wheels of commerce turning, to 'create jobs' or 'keep the money circulating.' They imagine... Read More

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