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On Intelligence, People and Computers

"But though our thought seems to possess this unbounded liberty, we shall find, upon a nearer examination, that it is really confined within very narrow limits, and that all this creative power of the mind amounts to no more... Read More

Toward a Single-Digit Tax Rate

"I haven't given the idea of combining tax reform with a rate hike much thought, largely because I'm so wary of reform in the first place. Two thoughts come to mind: All the distortions and breaks in the tax... Read More

Reality-Based Election Analysis

"We ran a good campaign against a bad president, and we still got beat." -- Bruce Reed, president of the Democratic Leadership Council If the Democrats ran a good campaign, then I suggest that their definition of a campaign... Read More

In Defense of Exit Polls

I am not a pollster, but I do teach statistics. And the question of where the exit polls went "wrong" in the 2004 election is one that I can use as an example in my classes. Basically, what I would... Read More

Court Gives Election to Bush

Editor's note: The following article applies to the national popular vote totals, regardless of how the electoral vote turns out. "The example of such a small system as a butterfly being responsible for creating such a large and distant system... Read More

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