Arnold Kling: December 2004 Archives

Dollar Drama, Dollar Delusions

"In the absence of effective leadership by either the US Treasury or the International Monetary Fund, there is every prospect that the dollar's recent steady decline will soon turn into a rout." -- Desmond Lachman So what? Alarm about... Read More

Economics of Social Security Privatization

"To 'work,' privatization must generate more money for retirees than current arrangements. This bonus is supposed to be extra money in retirees' pockets and/or it is supposed to make up for a reduction in promised benefits, thus helping to... Read More

The Academic Ego Game

"A Democrat on the Berkeley faculty, George Lakoff, who teaches linguistics...said that liberals choose academic fields to fit their worldviews. "'Unlike conservatives,' he said, 'they believe in working for the public good and social justice, as well as knowledge Read More

Why the Left Should Favor Social Security Privatization (and the Right Should Oppose It)

"For Social Security is a government program that works, a demonstration that a modest amount of taxing and spending can make people's lives better and more secure. And that's why the right wants to destroy it." -- Paul Krugman... Read More

Social Security's Worn-Out Roof

"I've always been a great believer in Samuelson's great comment that any concept in economics that you could not explain to your father in law would eventually be proven wrong. Would you explain the difference between 'economic costs' that... Read More

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