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Lawrence Summers as Martin Luther

"Long before Luther arrived to lead his disgruntled countrymen, the chancellor to an archbishop of Mainz had angrily written an Italian cardinal that...'The Germans have been treated as if they were rich and stupid barbarians, and drained of their... Read More

The Myth of Massive Health Care Waste

"If a president takes office thinking that good policymaking is a simple matter of declaring his desire to...eliminate 'waste, fraud and abuse,' he is ill-prepared for the complexities of the job." -- Jeffrey Frankel, Harvard University Economists do not... Read More

Doctoring the Market

"A fully developed [consumer-driven health care] market would be chaotic, to say the least, and in such a system continuity of care would be virtually non-existent. It is hard to imagine such a system improving the quality or the efficiency... Read More

An Important Emerging Economic Paradigm

" three types of activity generate a process of continuing and cumulative change. Trading creates new opportunities for innovation and institutional change. Innovation creates new opportunities for institutional change and trading. Institutional change creates new Read More

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