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Your Money for Your Life

"Years after the discovery that colorectal screening can decrease cancer incidence and deaths, few countries have adopted widespread colon cancer screening programs, although some are inching their way to that goal.   The reason, say many experts, is the burde Read More

Health Care Intelligence Failure?

"The United States has the most privatized, competitive health system in the advanced world; it also has by far the highest costs, and close to the worst results." -- Paul Krugman   The small cabal wants to launch an attack... Read More

Do We Own Our Ailments?

Ask an economist what is the best type of health insurance, and he or she is likely to respond "catastrophic coverage." Our assumption is that rational consumers should be motivated by risk aversion and low cost. Risk aversion means that... Read More

The Mythical Health Care Man-Month

"If each part of the task must be separately coordinated with each other part, the effort increases as n(n-1)/2. Three workers require three times as much pairwise intercommunication as two; four require six times as much as two. If, moreover,... Read More

Conservative Crack-up Over Social Security?

"If we were not so used to it, we would find it odd for the government to collect money from young workers and give it to the old (mostly workers' parents)." -- Robert Barro   The headline that Business Week... Read More

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